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A few years ago before starting a family, I was really interested in composing and producing music. I studied music at A level and I had aspirations to become a "Moby/Orbital" style artist, and maybe even try and release my own stuff! Sadly as the responsibilities, came like a house and children, the music producing and pop career slowly died.

I still play the guitar and piano and listen to music all day whilst designing websites, but I haven't done any real recording for a few years now.

To the right of this text you'll see a few tracks off an album I composed, entitled Randomidity. These songs aren't recorded brilliantly, and to be fair need re-recording at some point, but they aren't bad and you get a good idea for what I was going for. Have a listen through them and let me know what you think.

I used a PC using Cubase, sample CD's, fruity loops, a mixer and a few synthesizers to record the more electro style songs. I did have a music room set up at home. This is now a child's bedroom! One day, I'm sure I'll dig the gear back out of the attic and start up again.

I also enjoyed singing with a guitar, so there's a few tracks in a more indie/rock style! Overall, a bit of a mash-up of genres. I could never decide where to go with it; either Oasis or Orbital, as I liked both!


I listen to music literally through each and every working day. Mainly on Spotify, which to be honest is something I can't live without. Since discovering it a couple of years back, I have never looked back. For those of you who don't use Spotify yet love listening to music, it's definitely something you should check out. By paying a monthly subscription, you can synchronize your playlists to your smartphone to take with you on the move.

I plug my phone into my car stereo, so I now have a completely portable, fully synchronized music collection across all my devices. Plus for any hifi enthusiasts, the music quality has now upped to 320kbps, which is near CD quality.

At home, I use an external DAC plugged into the USB port of my PC, then plugged into my amp. This does its best to convert digital audio back into analogue. The sound quality is greatly improved.